I Call Your Name

Do not turn your face towards me
Confronting me with my loneliness
You are in a forest unknown
The secret orchard
And your voice is vast and achromatic
But still so precious

In today’s post I’m spotlighting two incredible releases from my very first sponsor: Nefekalum Tattoos. The Mo Ghra facial tattoo and the gorgeously detailed Divine Messenger full body tattoo. Both of these come with their own Materials for just about every mesh body, including Lelutka and Legacy, of course. The Divine Messenger actually comes not only in a variety of colors, like Mo Ghra, but a few different styles as well! One even includes a materials only marking on the chest that’s genuinely a beautiful surprise when it catches the light!

I’ve paired these with Dreamcatcher‘s Blood Roses, which are genuinely one of my favorite finds on the grid. Not only because they come with a massively inclusive texture change hud, but because it’s so dang hard to find unique pieces like this for us menfolk (Legacy & Signature Gianni) out there! This beautifully disturbing item separates the torso from the pelvis with the use of the alpha HUD and some strategically placed mesh. The ‘blood’ pieces themselves come with a variety of texture options if you’re not looking for a ‘gory’ look, of course. And the roses are utterly exquisite, capped off with delicate filigreed leaves that add a charming bit of flair to the piece.


Body Parts



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