Cold Blue Sky

Find myself in peace, warm from underneath.
Wish you would be here in this magic scene.
I’ve escaped from reality, dancing in the snow.

It’s that time of year when the world sleeps, blanketed in white. Waiting to wake in a new dawn at the first kiss of springtime. Today’s feature, Winter Courtier, is my lovely and ever creative sponsor Nefekalum Tattoo’s offering for this round of Aenigma: Walts of the Daemons. The materials enabled tattoo is compatible with most mesh bodies including Omega and Legacy appliers. The beautiful symbols worked into the icy design are reminiscent of celtic and norse mythos. A wonderful choice for any winter spirits waiting to wake and celebrate the season.


  • I apologize, I took it over Thanksgiving week and somehow I completely forgot to write down the hair I used in this shot for some reason. Tried to find it in my inventory but it’s apparently vanished?

Body Parts


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