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Cold Blue Sky

Find myself in peace, warm from underneath.Wish you would be here in this magic scene.I’ve escaped from reality, dancing in the snow. It’s that time of year when the world sleeps, blanketed in white. Waiting to wake in a new dawn at the first kiss of springtime. Today’s feature, Winter Courtier, is my lovely and […]

Glitter In The Sky

If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxyAnd I can take you for a ride Cinphul‘s (feels weird capitalizing that but hopefully Imokon will forgive me because grammar and whatnot XD) uniquely named ‘prst.qn‘ set may not be their newest release, but it’s certainly one of their most iconic in recent history. […]

The Horror Beyond

Are you afraid? You should beI can’t explain what’s happening to meI’ve been to placesThat we’re not allowed to goTo learn the wordsThat we’re not supposed to knowSay them with me To say I had far too much fun with this photo would be a dramatic understatement. I’m proud to say that I managed to […]

In My Hand

Skip to eight, we called it fateTo live, to let us die another day Allow me a moment to both welcome my newest sponsor DREAMCATCHER and sing their praises. I stumbled across this little shop with the help of Flickr and was immediately struck by the creativity of the creator behind it. It’s painfully rare […]

Born of Graves

I’ve a tale that time has lostSins of judgment born in frostThen he took a nameFor the one profanedKnow the dark but let it restLeft to lurkers in their questLet the watchers fight Hair Mina-Karen Body Parts LeLUTKA Skyler Head [LEGACY] Meshbody (m) Tattoos Nefekalum Tattoos – Ikil – Available for Aenigma: Waltz of the […]

Pushing on

We make our own way, we rebuildThe cities razedOur prophecy is self-fulfilledFor better daysWhen the broken callI will stand up tallIt’s all over, there’s change in the airIf we fall tonightI will shine a lightUpon justice, to make this game fair It feels like ages since the last time I sat down to write about […]

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